Can A Teenager Get Breast Cancer- Breast Cancer In Teens

December 22, 2022

It is normal for breasts to change as teen years arrive, an increase and decrease in the female hormones such as estrogen and progesterone may make breasts tender. Can A Teenager Get Breast Cancer is a very common question among teens.

Hormones can also make breasts feel thick, and even some lumps and bumps as the period comes and goes each month. However, the chances of these bumps being cancer are highly unlikely. It’s quite unheard of for teenage girls of age 14 years and younger to develop breast cancer.

However, the chances increase slightly when the girls move through the teenage years, it is rare though.

Symptoms of Breast Cancer In Teens

Breast cancer tumors feels different from the other lumps, here are some tips to indicate that a lump is cancerous:

  • Lump feels hard,
  • Lump is fixed to the chest wall and doesn’t move,
  • The size of the lump is in between the size of a pea to several inches in diameter,
  • Lump is painful.

Causes of Breast Cancer in Teens

It is thought that childhood cancer develops due to the changes in the cells and DNA in early stages of life. These changes can occur even when the child is in the womb.

It should be noted that childhood cancer isn’t strongly associated with environmental and lifestyle factors such as smoking or eating certain food. However, if these unhealthy behaviors are introduced early in life, they can be a contributing factor of breast cancer later in life.

Types Of Breast Lumps In Teenagers

The most common breast cancer found in teenagers is adenocarcinoma, a slow growing and non-aggressive cancer. However, there are still some chances of this cancer spreading to other parts of the body.

Most breast lumps in teenagers are fibroadenomas, these are con-cancerous and are a result of overgrown connective tissues in the breast. This lump is hard, rubbery, and can be moved around with fingers. Approximately 91 per cent of the solid breast masses in teen girls younger than 19 years are fibroadenomas.

Another less common breast lumps in teenagers are cysts, a non-cancerous fluid-filled sacs.

Diagnosis Of Breast Cancer in Teenagers

It is important for a doctor to know to know:

  • Patient’s family history,
  • When you discovered the lump,
  • If there’s any nipple discharge,
  • If the lump hurts.

Doctors could also ask for an ultrasound to determine if the lump is solid, an indication of cancer. If it’s fluid-filled, it is highly likely that it is a cyst. Additionally, a breast cancer doctor could also test for cancer by inserting a fine needle into the lump to draw out the tissues and test it.

Treatment of Breast Cancer In Teens

Adenocarcinoma is treated surgically by cutting out the cancerous part and sparing the healthy breast tissue.

Chemotherapy and radiation is also considered by doctors for cancer treatment, however, it varies from case to case. The risks of these treatment options outweigh the benefits as it poses a risk to the young developing bodies.

India is among the top countries in the treatment of breast cancer. Dr Rajeev Agarwal provides best breast cancer treatment in india. After its detection and stage determination, the surgeon usually decides on the best treatment to go with. Surgery is the typical plan to go with for the treatment of breast cancer, however, it needs to be complemented with other treatment options such as targeted radiation, chemotherapy, or hormone therapy.

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